Golf Scores/Handicaps Updated

This story is getting old. Another week, another tail kicking in golf. OOPS! Sorry, just ignore all this talk about golf. I’m sure no one is interested in who won or who lost. So, I’m just going to spare everyone the details. OK? If you just have to know all the details, you could click the more link, but –really– are you that interested??

The new handicaps are here.

Golf Scores/Handicaps Updated

The golf scores are in and the handicaps are updated. Please click here to view the latest info.

For those of you interested in the classic Kevin/Keith duels, the answer is: “Yes. I did. (Duh!) 3-0 to Kevin.”

The job move

As many of you know, I accepted a promotion to AREA DIRECTOR OF SALES. This took place sometime in April. I will oversee our Las Colinas/Irving sales teams. Several of you know that I have been shuttling back & forth between Ft. Worth and Las Colinas in the meantime.

Well, no more. Effective Monday, I will be officing out of Las Colinas full time. I can’t wait!! We have a great team led by a very talented Area Sales Manager. I’m so excited. The gang in Fort Worth gave me a going away card & gift. It was really special. They are like a family to me.

I am grateful for the guideance (and needed *sskickings) provided by my former Regional VP, Janelle. I’ve never met a lady so exceptionally talented. I couln’t have asked for a better mentor (only more time to learn from her!) I also am very grateful for the support of my former District Director, Stacey. She is a really good friend and has been looking out for me. I’m lucky to have her on my side. She’s the best!

Thanks to everyone for your cards and emails regarding the job change. I really appreciate your thoughts!

Very funny website

1) I admit that I probably have too much free time. I spend some of it on the internet.
2) I have an unusual sense of humor. A lot of things crack me up that make most people just sigh or groan.

It is with these two personal statements that I offer you a VERY FUNNY website (by my standards). It is maintained by a man in England and called:

Things my girlfriend and I have argued about

And –while I don’t really care for the pictures of his girlfriend– I can’t stop laughing when I read his site. Enjoy!

High School Reunion

My high school reunion was this past weekend. It’s a little hard to believe that 10 years have gone by. I was wanting to go, but things just didn’t work out with my new promotion and our two other planned trips to Florida this year. I got the “Memory Book” in the mail today.

I guess the best part about looking back on high school is that you remember the people who meant the most to you then. After reading the names, I can safely say that there are probably two dozen that even ring a bell. Yet, at the time, I could probably ID at least 100 people on site. Wierd.

Looking back on high school, I certainly miss my friends. And, if any of you are stopping by to read my this, please be so kind as to shoot me an email now and then.

Keith Fulton Arrested??

First, I don’t know if this is our Keith Fulton or not. Second, I think this is a little off-color.

However, if you ABSOLUTELY have to know all the details, click here: KEITH FULTON/S-TX/FORT WORTH and enjoy.

Sopranos Sounds

For those of you who are (like me) in Sopranos withdrawal, I found this sound generator to play with. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Sopranos, it is probably rated “R”, so be warned.

Sopranos Soundboard

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday! Wish I could be there with you. We love and miss you! Have a very special day. We’ll talk to you tonight!

One more thing

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Big Weekend @ Lone Star Park

I have to tell everyone what a GREAT time we had Friday night @ Lone Star Park in Grand Prarie. Cheryl, Jen, Keith, Merrin & I went to see the horse races and indulge on the $1.50 beers.

Jennifer (my sister-in-law) has been into horses for years. (She’s really old!) She has her own horses. She’s ridden and trained horses for years. (REALLY old!) So, she shows up at the track and proceeds to bet ~maybe~ $30 all night. She walks out of there with over $300. How fair is that?!?! She even nailed a trifecta.

There was, however, one downer for the evening. One of the horses fell at the finish line during a late race. They had people there right away, but I don’t think they were able to do anything for the horse. It was really depressing. But, I’m sure anyone who had worked with that horse would tell you that she enjoyed racing and wouldn’t have wanted anything different.

For my part, I lost about $15 total on the night. I had a blast though. Can’t wait to go again! Next time I’m going to listen to Jennifer and bet who she bets!