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How to Create a Social Media Safety Net

While I didn’t get social media at first, I now know exactly how I can use & benefit from my favorite social media apps – like Twitter, FriendFeed, Tumblr, Soup, BrightKite and others. (In fairness, much of my social media awakening should be credited to Rob @ Orangejack, Mike McBride, and nf0). One of the …

Et tu, Blingo?

As Pete noted last week, our previously BFFs at Blingo have changed their search provider from good, sweet Google to some gawd-awful mashup of Yahoo, Windows Live and Ask. The net result is that search results are now a mess. Blingo has sponsored results mixed amongst native results (bad) as well as multiple returns for …

The lucky 11

Eleven of you have joined Blingo with me and won. I bring this up (yet again) because… I won another iTunes gift card. Seriously folks, Blingo = Google + free stuff. What are you waiting for?! Join Blingo now & start winning. For more on Blingo, check out my Blingo archives.