Category: Confessions

Heard around the house

After borrowing my iPod to listen to “island music” while swimming… M: All you listen to anymore is that hippy folk music. K: ??? M: Yeah, all you listen to is that Jack Johnson, Chesney, Buffett hippy folk. Hippy folk?? ((shakes head))

I’m not much of a reader

So… that myth about me not being much of a reader? Yeah… not so much, at least not accoring to my Google Reader stats. (And this doesn’t take into account for my having worked pretty much every weekend last month – or the family we had in town!) 😉

Recently heard around the house

M: “Who are you calling?” K: “What? ((confused))” M: “Who are you calling?” K: “I’m not calling anyone. This is a remote control.” — M: “What did you just do?” K: “What? ((confused))” M: “You put the orange juice on top of the refrigerator.” K: “Oh. Yeah.” — That whole “growing old gracefully” thing probably …