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Congress approves extension, expansion of Adoption Tax Credit

Tucked deep inside the Health Care Reform bill signed into law by President Obama is a temporary extension and expansion of the Adoption Tax Credit originally enacted by President Bush in 2001. This increase applies to both non-special needs adoptions and special needs adoptions. This is great news for families already seeking to adopt as …

Fins Up, China

Buffettnews reports that St Jimmy will perform a one-night only charity show in Hong Kong in January 2008. The concert will benefit the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Language Training Centre that teaches English and Mandarin to 300 children aged 2 to 18 who are in residential care at the Po Leung Kuk Orphanage.     

People’s Republic of Beer & Wings

For whatever reason… I was on the Hooter’s website and noticed that they are opening their FOURTH location in the People’s Republic of China. Good to know that — when we finally get the call to go to China — that we will be able to enjoy beer & chicken wings. Hey… when in China….

Water purification project for Chinese orphanages

Children’s advocacy group A Child’s Right will be headed to China in May to work with the state run China Center of Adoption Affairs on a project to install water purification systems at nine orphanages. Once installed, each water system will make 360 gallons of clean water per hour, 24/7/365. With the water system, each …

Happy New Year

One of the wonderful aspects of adopting internationally is discovering a whole new culture. For us – this is our first Chinese New Year. While we don’t exactly have all the traditions just right yet, we were together (reunion) and celebrated with fireworks. Today, Merrin’s wearing red and we made a stop at the alter …