Month: June 2007

F150 tops American-made list again

Looks like the Ford F-150 was the top-selling car/truck made in the USA, again. So, not only is the F150 the best selling car/truck, but it’s also the most “American Made” – parts, manufacturing, etc. The Kentucky-made Camry knocked the Chevy Silverado to number three this year.

Vrroom, vroom

Looks like Friday is “Drive Your Corvette to Work” day in honor of the Vette’s June 30 birthday. I hope you know who takes his out for a spin. Looks like the weather might even let him open the roof a little. 🙂

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Uh-oh. Global cool down coming.

Via Pete the Crab Whisperer, scientists researching the effect of sun spots on global temperatures are forecasting a global cooling – yet another phase that the Earth’s climate continually undergoes. In particular, we see marine productivity cycles that match well with the sun’s 75-90-year “Gleissberg Cycle,” the 200-500-year “Suess Cycle” and the 1,100-1,500-year “Bond Cycle.” …

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