Best Mac experience so far?

In the roughly two years that I’ve been a Mac user, I’ve had both good & really good Mac experiences. Today, I had my Macgasm (Is that a word? If not, I’m totally trademarking that!)

I was pretty nervous about leaving my trusty PowerBook G4 for the new hotness MacBook, but — as it turns out — all that time spent worrying was for not naught. (Thanks for the spelchek, schmed 😉 )

When I booted my new MacBook, it asked “Do you want to transfer your user settings and applications from another Mac computer?” (or something like that!) I had been preparing for this moment and — with some offline advice from sports fan & Hokie Josh Crockett — it went flawlessly.

I ran the Setup Assistant, hooked up my 6pin -> 6pin Firewire cable, and 30 minutes or so later, my MacBook started with all my programs, passwords, and preferences were right there.

If you’re thinking about a new Mac – just do it. A mac-to-mac upgrade is totally painless.

Everything just worked. It was the quintessential Mac moment.

It was a Macgasm.

3 Comments on “Best Mac experience so far?”

  1. …all that time spent worrying was for not.

    For naught. Yo McMac didn’t catch that?

  2. That is sweet. Mac’s are the best ‘puters ever. Can’t wait to get my “new” one!