Month: February 2007

links for 2007-02-27

How to move your iTunes library to an external drive – Lifehacker (tags: apple audio itunes library lifehacks mac osx macosx music mp3 storage technology tips tutorial usb nas howto organization)

links for 2007-02-26

13 Places To Watch TV Online for Free :: (tags: cool free Fun geek tv list lists video interesting Media Online) Hamad Darwish – Windows Vista Wallpapers that didn’t make the cut (tags: desktop photography photos wallpaper windows Vista) Canon PowerShot TX-1 Digital Camera (720pHD & 7.1MP) (tags: camera cameras wishlist movies hd hdtv)

links for 2007-02-24

Hacking – Terastation (tags: hack terastation nas storage network) Buffalo’s TeraStation Pro hits 3TB: that’s 3,000GB on your home network – Engadget (tags: gadgets terastation Network nas storage)