Month: October 2006

Did I sleep through Halloween?

I know everyone is focused on the annual setting of the clocks, but I think someone at Brookstone missed like… I don’t know… maybe an entire month. Why? The Brookstone at Vista Ridge Mall is playing… ((wait for it))… yep, Chrismas music. WE HAVEN’T EVEN WAITED FOR THE GREAT PUMPKIN YET, BROOKSTONE!!! MUSIC OFF NOW!!!

Google Reader still missing “Google” feature

I’m nearly three weeks into my Google Reader trial, having given up NetNewsWire. (More here & here). Long story short: Google Reader is outstanding. Start using it now. Do not pass go. Etc, etc. Google has been making regular improvements, but – the one flaw of Google Reader remains – you cannot search your current …

HOW TO: Sexy, Pouty Lips

Here’s a tip for those of you who are looking for Angelina Jolie – esque lips without the collagen injections: jab shards of glass into your upper lip, just below the nose. The resulting stitches will give you the sexy, pouty lips that are so en vouge.

Salman Rushdie: Terrorism is not about Israel/Palestine

Salman Rushdie on Islamic extremism and Al Queda – its about the Talibanization of the world. “If tomorrow the Israel/Palestine issue was resolved to the total happiness of all parties, it would not diminish the amount of terrorism coming out of al-Qa’ida by one jot. It’s not what they’re after,” he adds, his foot tapping …

Testing Xtorrent

I’m a relatively hardcore Azureus bittorrent user. It’s the gold standard and there are a lot of resources for how to use/configure the client. That said – it isn’t very “Mac-cy”. So, with some fears that I’m trading style over substance (yikes!), I’m kicking the tires on the Xtorrent beta. After a little experimentation – …