Month: April 2005

Feedburner to support Google AdSense

As Google slowly trickles out AdSense for RSS in a select pilot, word from Feedburner is that they will definitely support Google AdSense. FeedBurner makes it simple to implement the AdSense service if you can’t or don’t want to edit your source feed templates, or you just want additional flexibility in determining frequency of ads, …


Since no one in this family (yeah, there’s just two of us, but we’re a family…deal) can get a new toy without the other one getting an equally cool toy, Merrin is the proud owner of a PSP. She’s been wanting one for a while, but it’s kinda hard to say “wait until your birthday” …

An update: Dress rehearsal?

Remember the story of the hijacking “dress rehearsal” from last summer? Turns out that the Feds are exceptionally interested, too. Why? As it turns out, Mohommad Atta did a dry run on what’s become known as the James Wood flight. Another must read – we cannot keep turning a blind eye.

Mp3s on the go, on the cheap

Now any USB flash drive is an MP3 player in your car. For less than $30, you’ve got a really good FM modulator that plays from thumb drives or connects to traditional mp3 players. Think of it as an iPod with iTrip, without the iPod or the iTrip, plus…oh…$100 left in your pocket.