Month: September 2004

It’s “officially” fall

Well, it’s officially fall. I guess that means it’s time to kick in the “fall” redesign. Summer of blues, greens, and yellows is now replaced with reds and subtle fall colors. Eh. Whatever. I’m hanging up the summer Hawaiian shirt look for the fall Hawaiian shirt look.


OK, so did anyone else catch the pilot episode of ABC’s Lost? About 20 minutes in, I said to Merrin that this may be one of the best shows on television. After watching the rest of the pilot, I don’t know what I think of it. It is either going to be fantastic, or (as …


We have to say farewell to an American institution. The last Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurant has closed its doors. Yes, the first place I ever enjoyed the greatness of the Crispy Beef Taco Dinner is no more. Damn.