Month: August 2004

New Apple iMac G5

My first thoughts are that concept-wise, the new iMac G5 isn’t a leap as much as a natural step forward. And then, I look at the pictures and say to myself, “I wonder if Merrin would notice if I swapped my Dell out….” What?! Where’d that come from?! I’m a PC guy!

Bush Tax Cuts caused wealthiest to pay more

If you had told me this, I wouldn’t have believed it. President Bush’s tax cuts have lowered the tax burden on the nation’s middle class and increased the taxes paid by the wealthiest Americans. Seriously. A report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office…shows that Bush’s tax cuts have been “progressive” — that is, they have …

Because somebody has to lose

Paul Hamm? Carly Patterson? Kerri Walsh and Misty May? These are what we call “winners” at the Olympics. Of course, there are losers at the Olympics – people who finish dead f’in last. So far, Greece leads in last place finishes. Perhaps most pathetic, though, is Brunei Darussalam with one athelete who, btw, finished last.