Month: July 2003


I am so exhausted. Who knew that museums could be so much work?! Yesterday, Merrin and I loaded up and headed out for a trip back down to our old stomping grounds, Fort Worth. Merrin called her Mom and we all decided we were headed to the Kimbell for “The Quest for Immortality” exhibit of …

Umm…excuse me…what the hell?!

Having to work downtown the last few days has left me emotionally scarred. Downtown is a much more dreary place than being at the resort – it’s overcast versus sunny. Simply no comparison. Here’s my observation: Dallas has HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes that scream down the freeway (70mph-80mph…minimum) while the regular traffic crawls at …

Quick SongWriter modification

I updated the code from my “Display SongWriter Output on your Blog” post to use to power the link. Now you can click on the album art or title link and ~hopefully~ go straight to the song I’ve posted. A super simple way to listen and download! The update appears in the comment.

Great One Liner

Today on The Ticket, one of the guys exclaimed that he had never heard of the word “dicker”. Of course, we all know that it means to barter, bargain, negotiate, etc. This revelation brought on the perfect one-liner, and I’m pleased to share it with you today. “Don’t argue with your wife…dicker.” 😉

Hello Kitty

Attention blogosphere: My wife owned (past tense) a Hello Kitty window cling. She would like to own a Hello Kitty window cling again. Sanrio and about 100 other websites all written in Japanese do not seem to sell them anymore. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a Hello Kitty window …