The Final Day

Last day @ NBTA and it has been a great week. Today’s featured speaker was Rudy Guiliani. He followed yesterday’s train wreck of a performance by VP Al Gore. (Barf!) The trade show has been fairly productive, but have gotten a lot more accomplished in networking sessions and through my pre-set appointments. I think that is definitely the way to go next year.

Flying home to be with my wife & family tomorrow morning. For some dumb reason I booked a flight that leaves before 8:00am. Why? I have no freaking idea. I mean, I hated 8:00 classes in college, so what makes me think I’ll be able to make the flight?! Well, I’m going home to my wife – for one thing. And I’d take the 3:30am flight if I thought it would bring me home to her any sooner.

My parents are due into Ft. Worth tomorrow – so plans are being made for the big doings in Texas.

Y’all take care and know that I’ll be home under the Lone Star tomorrow.

One Comment on “The Final Day”

  1. Did Al have sweat stains under his arms? I remember on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart one night a few months back they showed him doing a speech in Flordia (I believe) and he had this horrible sweat stains under his arms.