Husband. Father. Pilgrim. Author.

There are numerous words that help root and define our lives; these are among my favorites. Each seemingly distinct, they have individually and collectively transformed how I embrace the world and my place in it.

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At the crossroads of history and faith, a reluctant pilgrim embarks on a modern pilgrimage along some of the world’s most revered footpaths. Along the way, he discovers the places and encounters people that inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love.

Available from print and digital booksellers, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal conveys both the historical context and the modern experience of pilgrimage through Portugal and Spain on the Camino de Santiago, along America’s Pacific Coast connecting the California Missions Trail, across receding tides to Holy Island, from London to Canterbury along Britain’s historic Pilgims’ Way, and onward towards Rome via Europe’s Via Francigena on a journey of discovery.

If you’re interested in book updates or a complimentary preview, please visit www.sacredstepsbook.com to register for free previews. There is no charge and members will receive some additional options for signed copies for the first-run publication in 2023.


Joined together as if by fate for a memorable dinner, five pilgrims recall their emotional journeys along Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Powerful and moving, The Pilgrims’ Table is a touching look at the transformational power of pilgrimage.

Born from my own experiences along the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena,  The Pilgims’ Table is the tale of five pilgrims who come together from divergent paths at a Spanish albergue. The deeply personal stories shared over dinner transform their outlook on pilgrimage and connect them as one pilgrim family.



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When I’m not hiking or working on my book, I volunteer time as a Scout Leader for the Boy Scouts.  I’m also fond of tacos, college football (#GoNoles), and beach bars.