Keep your passwords safe from Hackers

How long does it take a hacker to guess your password? Less time than you might think.

Length Lowercase + Uppercase + Number & Symbol
6 Characters 10 minutes 10 hours 18 days
7 Characters 4 hours 23 days 4 years
8 Characters 4 days 3 years 463 yearss
9 Characters 4 months 178 years 44,530 yearss

The best way to keep your password safe from hackers is to use numbers & symbols in your password. For example, “password5&” is much more secure than “password”, in terms of hackability. Even if you just use a common/proper noun as your password, adding numbers, symbols or uppercase characters (ie “susie74!”) can help keep your password from being easily cracked.

For even better passwords, create a sentence that you can easily remember and then combine the first character of each word with a series of numbers or characters.

For example, “Seven dogs ran around the lake & played with 3 geese. Weird!” as a password becomes “7dratl&pw3g.W!”.

Remember, the better your password, the safer your data!