Forecast: Wonk

Expect a little wonkiness around the blog for the next few days. I’m celebrating my 9-year blogiversary with a few tweaks on the back-end. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Forecast: Wonk”

  1. O Great Wonk of teh Web, please hear my plea…

    My pc is afflicted with an evil spirit which makes both Firefox 3.6 and IE8 lock up on sites with complex content, like the fox news home page and Farmville (almost causing my DSW to lose her bumper grape harvest). It has resisted my feeble attempts at exorcism – Norton Antivirus, Iobit utilities, complete removal and reinstallation of both browsers without add-ins. It seems like it has to do with shockwave, because it locks up after we put that back in.

    Adding to the mystery, we have a secure user ID in XP pro SP3 in which more sensitive information is kept (tax records & whatnot). Whilst I was in under that User, the browser. Worked. So maybe it’s embedded somehow in the normal user ID?

    ‘Tis a great puzzlement.

  2. Non-genius answer: It’s a shockwave problem. The sad part is that it’s hard to know for sure where it is causing the problem.

    Could be a memory overrun in Flash – need to expand the memory to greater than 1MB. So… Click on “How do I get to Settings Manager”. Then click on “Global Storage Settings”. Click on the box to allow 3rd party Flash content to be stored on your computer. Slide ruler to 1MB. Close your browser. Reopen. Go to your chosen website to test flash player.

    The other suggested steps:
    – install the supersecret labs version of Flash

    – download new drivers for your sound card and webcam drivers (if applicable)

    Hope that helps!

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