The Evolution of the Boy Scouts

I think most people know that I’m an Eagle Scout, so it’s with great interest that I make note of the Boy Scouts of America’s efforts to bridge the great divide between traditional scouting skills and the 21st century.

Case in point: The Boy Scouts have introduced a Geocaching merit badge.

For those that aren’t familiar, geocaching generally involves using a GPS device to follow a trail and locate landmarks. In other words, it’s quite similar to the traditional Orienteering merit badge that teaches scouts to use a compass to follow a trail and locate landmarks.

Not only does the new badge have real-world applications for understanding how GPS works, but it also helps to keep the Boy Scouts relevant and interesting to a wide audience. While there will always be a place for the core BSA merit badges, I think this is an outstanding step in the evolution of the Boy Scouts.

Kudos, BSA.

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Boy Scouts”

  1. Very informative!! A scout should work to attain both badges. Once the GPS battery is dead, the ole’ compass and map will still work. Be Prepared 🙂
    Thanks for getting this new information out to all!

  2. Funny thing is, I thought there was one for years. I guess we are just geeks and did geocaching with our troop for fun.

    My son has his Eagle Board of Review next week! So close!

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