The cure for the recycled water bottle funk?

I like the convenience of bottled water, but I confess refilling my empty bottle *several* times a day rather than trashing it and opening a new bottle. The result means I’m drinking more tap water in progressively funky bottles. Not good. Not good.

The fix to funky water bottles? The Water Bobble. This unique insert is actually a carbon filter that meets or exceeds the NSF 42 standard and doubles as a sport cap for your water bottle. One point of caution, this is not a water purification filter, so don’t expect it to purify creek water, ok?! Available in a bunch of colors, it filters approximately 300 bottles of water for $9.95 – a big savings for your wallet and the environment.

You can buy them online here and the Water Bobble folks will send you a reminder email when its time to start using a new filter. Or check Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Whole Foods and others in the coming months.

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