How To: Download Facebook Email Addresses

So you’ve got umpteen million friends on Facebook that you haven’t gotten in touch with for a while and you would like to email them more often.

The only problem is that you don’t have their email address in your Outlook,, iPhone, Gmail, or phone address book.

So what you need is a way to download email address from your Facebook friends to your computer, iPhone, Gmail, phone, Mac, etc… right?

Read on….

Downloading your friends’ email addresses from Facebook is not made to be easy, but there is a perfectly legal, perfectly legitimate “backdoor” way to do it involving Yahoo Mail.

(This is the part of the How To where I tell you that you need to have a Yahoo email account, so if you don’t – go sign up for one.)

To export your Facebook friends’ email addresses, to to and click the Facebook icon. A Facebook login window will appear.

Sign-in with your Facebook password and Yahoo will begin copying all of your friends email addresses to your Yahoo Mail Account.

Once the import is done, go to the TOOLS tab and select export (or just click here!) and select either a CSV file format or the vCard, Zip of .VCF files format. (I prefer the vCard, Zip of .VCF files for Mac users, because I can add contacts selectively and even merge the information with my existing contacts).

Stumped? The originators of this lesson have a video that makes it all easy to understand…

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  1. Repair Outlook PST

    I use POP3 account (Outlook 2007), can I import all my facebook contacts in my Outlook account by using the same method mentioned above. Please suggest.

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