It’s not a space program, it is our destiny

The President’s proposed 2011 budget includes plans to halt NASA’s progress towards returning Americans to the Moon, establishing a permanent lunar base, and — eventually — the manned exploration of Mars.

Supporting NASA’s Constellation program is not simply about watching astronauts bounce around on the Moon. The technologies created & tested in support of this mission and the discoveries to come will shape our global society and provide innovations that will impact every aspect of our lives – from the products we use every day, to the way we create & consume energy, to the lifesaving treatments & advances that better our lives.

NASA’s Constellation project (which has already built, tested, and launched rockets into space) doesn’t merely represent the future of NASA or American leadership, but rather the future of mankind’s exploration of space.

I urge you to watch this outline video, to read about the program, evaluate opinions such as those from Popular Mechanics and to consider raising your voice in support of Constellation.