How To: Download all tagged Facebook pictures

Facebook makes it very easy for anyone to upload & share pictures, including the option to tag people who appear in the photos. If you’re on Facebook, there’s a fairly good chance that friends have tagged pictures of you.

So what do you do if those pictures are really good and – for example – you want to download copies to share or make prints? The answer is it’s possible, but fairly difficult for many users… until now.

Code wizard Tommy Murphy has created a program for Windows or Mac that quickly downloads all your tagged Facebook photos. The best part? Yep… it’s free.

Photograbber works extremely well for quickly downloading all photos in which you’re tagged. Simply launch the program, grant it permission to access your tagged photos, and tell Photograbber where to save the files. Boom. (And did I mention that it’s free?)

4 thoughts on “How To: Download all tagged Facebook pictures”

  1. I have 448 tagged photos I’m looking to download and only 265 of them are being downloaded when I use this program… what is wrong?

    1. I am not able to recreate the problem as you’re describing, Josh. The software uses Facebook’s permission process, so the people who tagged you have to allow applications to access their photos. I suspect that is the issue. I would suggest you contact the developer of the software. Perhaps they can assist further.

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