The End of an Era

If you believe what you read in the papers, we’re witnessing the last chapter of the most successful era in college football history.

Legendary coach Bobby Bowden, who embraced a rival in the wake of tragedy, who built a football powerhouse from the ground up, and who oversaw the greatest college football dynasty ever, is in the twilight of his career.

Sadly, the reasoned, rational criticism that the FSU football program rightfully deserves threatens to devolve into a ugly mob scene that may rob Bowden of the respect that his body of work should garner.

I would caution my fellow Noles that tearing down a man will not accomplish our goals and – in the end – will do the university more harm than good. The closing of this chapter is a time for all of us to draw together and support the change that must come.

I’m deeply saddened that a great & honorable man must face such public backlash. He deserves to take in this sunset with great pride & admiration. I hope he will make this daunting decision with the spirit that has served him so well in his career.