Life’s a Beach

I guess it’s time for an update. The moving truck came and went without incident this week. The team from Hilldrup Moving & Storage (United Van Lines) did a great job. They were efficient, safe, polite and *fast*. I would highly recommend them if you’re considering a move in the Southeast.

Atlantic DunesNow that our stuff has made the trek, I find myself in awe (once again) of my wife. I’m amazed at just how quickly she has turned this house into our home. And it’s not just arranging the furniture or unpacking the boxes, but putting the touches in place that make a place “ours”.

We managed to venture out yesterday for a quick drive through town. In what is certain to become a regular occurrence, we stopped for a walk along the beach and collected more shells. It’s been mentioned many, many times on my blog that I am solar powered, but I’m quite certain that my wife is hydro-powered. She loves just being near the water. I guess that’s just part of what makes us so good for one another.

I'm just gonna jump inThere’s something almost magical about this place. While there’s a good deal of history as The Isle of Eight Flags and as a pirate haven years ago, the town is just such a welcoming place. The people are exceptionally nice and friendly. It will take some adjusting to, but it’s such a small place – population 12,000 – we don’t have ten digit dialing. Since our house is so close to the ocean, we get these great, colorful sunrises each morning. At night, you can see so many stars in the sky. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but I would swear – if you try hard enough – you can smell a hint of sea in the air.

Suffice to say we’re adapting quite nicely to our sleepy little beach town. It’s good to be “home”.