Google Reader “Oops.. an error occurred” messages in Safari

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard and running the most recent, 64-bit version of Safari (Version 4.0.3 (6531.9)), I’ve been experiencing the most annoying error.

After several minutes using Google Reader in Safari on OSX, I receive an error message: “Oops…an error occurred. Please try again in a few seconds.” Once Google Reader resumes, I can browse through content that is currently in view, but selecting any other content results in an empty reader with the error: “The feed being requested cannot be found.” message for every single feed item or folder.

Once I sign back in, everything works for a few minutes and then the error returns. And it’s very consistent – it happens on the Home, within my feeds (Your Stuff), People You Follow, Trends… you name it.

It’s incredibly frustrating and has ruined my user experience in Google Reader. I’ve tried emptying the browser cache, restarting Safari and even resetting Safari. I’ve even tried using a secure page (https) instead of the traditional Google Reader URL. None of these have any effect. And it seems I am not alone in experiencing this error.

Google – if you’re listening – help before I spork my eyes out!