T-minus 2 days

With just two days left before I pack up and leave Orlando, Merrin & I are taking a day to ourselves today at the Magic Kingdom. Being able to jump over to Disney whenever we please is one of Merrin’s favorite things about living in Orlando, so it’s only fitting that we take it in one more time before I go.

 Merrin helped me get some basics together this week for my impending bachelor hood – kitchen staples, laundry stuff, and some Kevin-friendly snacks. And, since I’m without a cell phone for a short while, she was smart enough to think of picking up a cheap pre-paid cellphone a la Jason Bourne.

 I’m excited to start my new job and to begin the next “NEXT” of our lives. I wish we didn’t have to be apart & we weren’t facing another big move, but… that’s just not reality.

 The reality is the hard part is just about to begin.

 The reality is that *way* more than “fair share” will fall on Merrin and I can’t do anything more than feel guilty.

 The reality is that it will be a few weeks before I see Merrin & the dogs again and perhaps months before we’re finally back together.

 The reality is that I’ll be living alone in a hotel room for the next month or more.

 The reality is that our long familiar dance – fifteen years in the making – will be interrupted while we lead separated, but not quite separate, lives.

 The reality… sucks.

 But… the reality is… this is just temporary and – soon – we’ll all be together with many blank pages ahead of us as we write this new chapter.

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