How To: Free Up 3GB of Hard Drive Space in Mac OSX

Running out of space on your Mac? Need to free up space on your OSX hard disk drive? Here’s a quick and easy way to free up 3GB of space on your hard drive in less than two minutes!


That’s right, printer drivers. Mac OSX comes with 3.54GB of printer drivers installed – whether you need them or not. In almost every instance, you don’t need ’em 3.5GBs of printer drivers. And if you do need drivers, you can always download printer drivers from Apple or download Gutenprint.

To remove unneeded printer drivers:

1. Open Finder.
2. Select your hard drive (named Macintosh HD, by default)
3. Navigate to LIBRARY > PRINTERS
4. Think twice before you take this next step!!
5. Select all of the folders you do not need and delete them.
6. Empty the trash and enjoy your new free space!

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