Day 761 on Twitter

So today is Day #761 for me on Twitter. I passed the two year mark on July 10th while we were in the Maasai Mara, according to the folks at When Did You Join Twitter. (I wish I had known, I would have raised a Tusker!)

How do I tweet? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve tried just about every tool out there, but my current favorite twitter application for Mac is Tweetie by atebits. If you’re on an iPhone or iPod Touch, they make a great “app for that”, too!

While I didn’t get Twitter at first, it’s now become an indispensable part of how I communicate with my friends, family, and the greater global community. As my understanding of Twitter has grown, so my has engagement, as evidenced by my Tweetstats.

My Updated Tweetstats

As you can see, I’m not a huge tweeter – just roughly four tweets per day – but there’s a huge uptick in my use of Twitter since April 2009. I’m really happy to say it’s not just me shouting from the mountaintops. Instead, it’s me interacting with other users. *That* has been a great upside to really engaging with Twitter.

Which begs the question: Are we connected on Twitter? Please tweet me @kevindonahue!

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