Two years later… a spicy little single

Two years ago I lamented that no one made single-serve salsa cups.

Just a quick thought/question: Why don’t they make single-serve salsa cups?

We’ve got single applesauce, ranch dressing cups, pudding cups, and even Tostitos Nacho Cheese cup singles.

Why can’t salsa get any love? I would have thought the brains at Campbell’s (who own Pace Foods) would be all over this. But… since they’re not… just send me the royalty checks (or at least a free lifetime supply!)

Well — just as America finally bought into my trash bill discounts for recycling idea (five years after the fact!) — the good folks at Chi-Chi’s have finally come through with single-serve salsa cups.


Ole, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Two years later… a spicy little single”

  1. Now if we could only get pre-made individually wrapped tacos that were warm and perfect when unwrapped, and contained absolutely no black plague even if they had been lost in the glove compartment until lichens began to form on them.

    If only.

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