Trying to reason with hurricane season

Hurricane season officially begins next week. With that in mind, I fired up the generator today for a 15-minute run and double checked our hurricane supplies. Generally speaking, we’re in good shape.

I also checked my weather radio – an Eton FR300 Emergency Crank Radio Black – although it’s always ready since it runs on AC/DC or hand-crank power.

If you’re looking to stay current on storm season, check these great resources:

Hurricane Room on FriendFeed – aggregates content from blogs, twitter, forecasts and other resources to give you one at a glance, real-time story of storm season – must bookmark site! Hurricane Center – one of, if not THE, best tracking sites

IbisEye Storm Map

3 thoughts on “Trying to reason with hurricane season”

  1. Thanks for the pointers add the FriendFeed room for sure, keeping an eye on the others when needed. I know my generator is working it got a weekend workout a couple of weeks ago when we had the storms that took out the power lines. Radio is check. Just need to store up some more water.

  2. Supply-wise, we have more work to do as well – particularly dog food, etc. Water seems to be one of those things we have a decent store of – not sure why.

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