I have pants!

In preparation for our Safari next month, I’ve been researching pants.

Let’s all pause to just let that statement sink in, because it’s not insignificant.


I mean, can you imagine spending MONTHS reading reviews, looking through detailed imagery, and analyzing fit… to buy pants? PANTS. Not a car or life insurance… PANTS.

(Yeah… I know what you’re thinking: My poor, poor wife. Yeah… understatement of the year, dude.)

As I was saying, I’ve been researching pants. Not just any pants, mind you, but convertible pants. You know… those 2-in-1 pants that zip-off into shorts? Yeah, those.

See… while I hear the rains are blessed down in Africa, my detailed research tells me that 2-in-1 pants are the best option for equatorial Africa, where the temperatures can range from the mid 70s during the day and fall into the mid 50s at night.

After looking at roughly 75 different brands of convertible pants — yes, I’m serious… don’t judge me — I finally decided to go with Cabela’s 2-in-1 Outdoor Pants.

I have to say, I am EXCEPTIONALLY pleased.

First and foremost, the pants fit really well. The shorts have a 6″ inseam and fall just where you would want them to – neither too long nor too short. As pants, the leg zippers are well hidden and protected both inside & out, ensuring that your leg is not rubbed raw and you don’t look like someone in search of a Michael Jackson reunion tour. The pockets are outstanding and the weight of the cotton is just right for almost any climate.

Some reviewers cautioned that the waist measurement is slightly small and they may be. I ordered a size larger knowing that these pants also have adjustable tabs at the waist, allowing you to tighten the fit roughly one inch. They come in straight lengths and Cabela’s hems down to quarter-inch measurements at no charge (ie 31.25″).

If you’re in the market for convertible pants that zip off into shorts, you don’t have to spend months tormenting your family with your research, just buy the Cabela’s 2-in-1 Outdoor Pants.

Note: This is *not* a paid endorsement or ad of any kind. I seriously love these pants. 🙂

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  1. Your new pants sure are nice! That said, I’m REALLY glad that this particular phase is over. I’ve had about enough pants talk. 😉

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