55 Days and counting

In 55 days, we leave for safari. The fun has already started – shopping, planning, and — oh, yeah — immunizations.

Much more to follow – maybe even some shots of my… err… shots.

4 thoughts on “55 Days and counting”

  1. Karangela ;-)


    So my mini Boingo review…
    I had good connections in Dulles and the airport in Brussels. I didn’t find a connection again until Central Station in Amsterdam. I was able to chat with my mom for about 20 minutes on Facebook so that was very nice for both of us. I couldn’t get connected to the hot spot at the airport in Amsterdam even though it was there, the thing kept timing out. I got connected in O’Hare but I think there may have been free wifi there.
    I will probably continue to pay for it but don’t expect miracles with the connection.

  2. Karangela ;-)

    I know. Currently you can get a free one month trial for Boingo. You could always use that for the trip and then cancel. You’re supposed to be able to cancel at any time after that. I’d contact them to see where they might have hot spots on your trip route. We were in a lot of small villages and they just didn’t have them there.

    1. The folks @boingo were nice enough to Twitter me and invite me to try their service. Their coverage in Europe looks really good and they have 120 locations in Kenya, but they do not offer the Boingo Mobile service in Kenya.

      That said, I don’t think I’ll be spending a lot of time online in Kenya. I’m hoping that Safari Overload will counteract any Online Withdrawal.

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