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Sunset in Kenya – Masai Mara by eir@si

As you may know, Merrin & I are headed to Kenya this summer for a two-week private safari with her family. It’s going to be an amazing trip – a once in a lifetime experience. Even though it is still four months away – we are starting to get really excited.

This weekend marked the start of the countdown, which I’m afraid (for you) will mean that I’ll be talking about Africa quite a bit between now and June. Yesterday, Merrin and I made the trek to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and confirmed that – yep, we’re way too excited for our own good. I really do feel sorry for our friends and families. You’re going to hear nothing but “Africa this” and “Kenya that” for 11,404,800 seconds (not that I’m counting).

Masai women by Tambako the Jaguar’s

I’m spending a lot of time learning about the people and the customs of Kenya – and everything I read is truly fascinating. I think I’m almost as excited to experience the culture as I am to gaze upon Kenya’s treasures.

Of course we’ll be taking thousands of photos, but I’m also going to take as much video as a I can capture. I plan on making a video diary throughout the trip and – as Merrin has suggested – I’ll probably try to journal as much of the experience as I can.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya by teachandlearn

I’m also spending time being very OCD and thinking through the entire trip in my mind.

“Should I take a compass? Our guides have GPS, etc, but… it might be nice to have along – you never know. What about a watch? Should I get a cheap “travel watch” just in case it is lost/broken/stolen? What about a watch that has a compass built in?”

We’re talking hyper-OCD planning mode, like something out of a Sedaris book.

And — even as I sit here planning to research the weight, durability, and weatherproofing of various zip-off wind-breakers — I realize that none of this planning is going to matter at all.

I know that the minute I step off the plane, I’m just going to stand there, mouth agape… and spend two weeks of my life in complete awe of God’s children and creations.

If you want to watch just my Africa items, try this page. Once I have a little time, I’ll add an Africa page to the blog – for simplicity’s sake.

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  1. I cannot stress this enough: You will be sorry if you don’t take a travel journal. That is the single best thing I learned from traveling so much when I was younger, and I still love to pull out my old journals and read about my (mis)adventures.

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