The Biggest Beer Holidays of the Year

I was floored at some of the biggest beer holidays of the year posted at Slashfood. Something just doesn’t seem right….

1 – 4th of July – OK. Duh.
2 – Labor Day – Again… duh.
3 – Memorial Day – Yep.
4 – Father’s Day – What?! Who throws a kegger for Dad?!
5 – Christmas/New Year – I don’t really have a problem with fifth.
6 – Thanksgiving – Seriously? Nothing says Thanksgiving like… beer?!
7 – Easter – Nothing says Christ is Risen like an ice cold Coors?! WTF?!
8- Super Bowl – How in the heck is the Super Bowl eighth?!?!

The Super Bowl is the eighth biggest beer holiday of the year? Eighth?! I would have pegged it at like fourth or something. At least higher than… Easter.

6 thoughts on “The Biggest Beer Holidays of the Year”

  1. That is so funny – and I agree with your comments. Totally.

    Although, nothing says Christ is Risen like WTF. How many did you throw back to type that? 😉

  2. @Rob – In fairness, my WTF is directed at the notion of celebrating Easter with a kegger. Although – when you think about it – it’s worth celebrating. 🙂

    @Bullfrog – I’ll get right on that!

  3. LOL. I know, Kevin. Just don’t hear the “Christ is Risen” and “WTF” in the same sentence very often. :-0

    Besides, I’d think that the Daytona 500 would outrank half of those.

  4. LOL at Rob’s comment because I was thinking the same thing!!

    yea…just thought I’d come over and comment so you didn’t get jealous that I commented at mer-mer’s and not yours.

    oh, and in the land of Kevin a 4 year old’s birthday party was a beer worthy event, was it not?!!

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