Browse… Faster

If you’ve got a bit of a tolerance for beta software and Mac OS X, you’ve got to check out the latest nightly builds of Webkit – the underpinnings for Safari, Google Chrome, and other browsers.

It’s ridiculously fast.

Webkit is still in development — user beware — but I’ve yet to experience any issues in about a week of HEAVY usage.

If you’re up for it, download the latest nightly build of Webkit and also check out Nightshift, which automatically updates your webkit build. (Teh awesome!)

2 thoughts on “Browse… Faster”

  1. Hey Kevin, I just found your blog while looking to reinistall my XP which I lost the key for. I will be trying that tonight. Hopefully it works. If so, you will be my new best blogfriend. BTW who are you and what do you do? LOL. You seem pretty tech savvy.

  2. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me way back when, Dave. And as for who I am… I’m just me. 🙂 What I do? Well, it’s not related to computers or internets or twitter or any of that. I’m just your average dude who likes to play with this stuff.

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