A Super Bowl without Chicken Wings?

I’ll admit I’ve been a little out of touch with the fine folks at Beef O’Brady’s since… well, you know.

While I’ve been busy mowing down celery, apparently America is in the throes of a great chicken wing shortage, right before the Super Bowl.

Local food suppliers say that the Buffalo Wings supply has dropped, causing the price of wings to skyrocket. A $50-pound supply of hot wings has increased as much as $20, a cost that restaurants may soon pass on to the customer.

The Buffalo wing shortage is being caused by two things: supplies were reduced after Pilgrim’s Pride, a huge poultry farm in Texas, filed for bankruptcy protection last month. Also, this time of the is usually when chicken wings are most in demand due largely to the holidays and the Super Bowl. Simply put, decreased supply and increased demand equals one Buffalo Wing shortage.

If this catastrophe isn’t crying out for a federal bailout, I don’t know what is.