A Sneak Peek at How I Tweet

I found a great tool via the Twitter universe (twitterverse?) called TweetStats that allows me to look athow I’m using Twitter – which is a lot, these days.

What’s on my mind? Here’s a cloud I put together using Wordle.

My Twitter Cloud

(If you’re not familiar with the micro-blog tool Twitter, check out this overview on 170 Spoons!)

And TweetStats shows me when & how I’m twittering. .

My Twitter Stats

As you can see, my usage has increased dramatically in the last six months. That’s when the Aha! moment happened for me and twitter became a platform – not just a status indicator.

My Twitter Stats

Another interesting trend is that I’m using Twitter consistently every day. I think that indicates that I’ve crossed the threshold from toy to tool. I’m slightly more communicative on Tuesdays, but… who isn’t? 🙂

I’m also seeing that I’m sending tweets and replies in the early morning, generally before the rush of the day. That’s not surprising, because those are the few minutes when I can generally get a few feeds read and catch up on what everyone is up to.

One graph that I’m not posting for privacy is the number of @ replies I’m sending. Replies (either initiated by me or in response to others) represent 18% of my total tweets.

I’d love to have a look at your TweetStats, so link ’em in the comments!

And if we’re not connected on Twitter, send a message @kevindonahue!

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