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For the record, I both love and hate this theme, so my overall feeling for it is… meh. But what about you? Do you find this theme easy to read/navigate? Lemme know. I’m in a mood to change it up.

UPDATE: Disregard. Disregard. I’m changing it up and (probably) breaking it all in the process. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Theme Help”

  1. Hey Kevin,
    I’m using Vigilance on my own blog. I like the way you have yours set up—really nice.

    One quick question. Did you have to do anything special to change your header and sidebar pics? I followed the directions through the “Vigilance Options” under the design tab, but regardless of whether I upload a pic or provide a url, all I get is a blue-boxed “?”. Do pics have to be a particular size or size ratio or format (been trying .png)?

    I’ll bug the guys at Jestro too, but I saw you’d posted there and thought you might have went through the same troubles.

    Cool site,

  2. Love the theme. Very nice—currently using it on my blog. Thanks!

    One question though. I’m having trouble changing the header and sidebar pics. I’ve followed the directions in your tutorial, and whether I upload and specify a file, or plug in the url directly, all I get is one of those blue-boxed “?”s. Any idea what the trouble might be? Do I need to use a specific file type or size or size ratio?

    Thanks in advance,
    Matt in Knoxville, TN

  3. @ Matt – Once you upload the file into the images directory, then you have to specify the file name (ie file.jpg) in the Options panel. It will autoscale your images, so size is not important. That said, I do prefer to crop my own to the spec size.

  4. Thanks, bro. I got it figured out–at least half way.

    And that second post was intended for the Vigilance blog. Doh!

    Thanks again,

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