Quietly Making Noise

One thing I hear a lot these days is that I “never blog anymore”.

I have to confess that — relatively speaking — I don’t blog as frequently as I once did. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve become “quiet” online.

In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

Quietly making noise

The biggest difference these days is that I’m actually sharing other people’s content — as opposed to creating my own — about three times as often as I’m blogging. I don’t know if that ratio is good, bad, or indifferent, but that’s the rough estimate.

The other significant difference is that I’m now micro-blogging more via Twitter, posting several times a day in 140 letters or less. And again, I don’t know if that’s good, bad, or indifferent… but that’s the current state of affairs.

See? I haven’t gone silent. I’m just quietly making noise. 😉

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