It’s a dog’s life

Oliver at ~18 weeks
Originally uploaded by kevindonahue.

Not much going on this weekend, but I’m probably past due with an Oliver update.

The little guy has been with us for about six weeks and –quite honestly– he is now completely in charge of everything that happens in and around Chez Donahue. We sleep on his schedule. We play on his schedule. We take walks on his schedule. And we don’t dare leave the house without his expressed written permission.

He got another visit to the vet yesterday – checking in for more boosters and tipping the scales at a healthy 16 pounds. He’s standing about 11-12 inches at the shoulder, and we’re thinking that he’ll likely end up as a 15″ beagle (as opposed to the 13″ variety).

He’s been working with Merrin every day and is outstanding in 95% of his commands. Seriously – that dog is a sit machine. He’s now going to the door to go outside, which is a blessing. He waits at all the doors and lets you enter/exit first, following only when allowed. He can shake hands, wave, and roll over on command. Merrin’s teaching him some other tricks, but the names escape me. I’m looking forward to one that looks like “sit and give a high five” – as that will come in handy during football season.

He’s definitely a TV watcher, with a preference for children’s shows and NASCAR. I don’t think he likes the news very much… but that’s understandable.

All in all, he’s a good little beagle dog. I think we’ll keep him. 🙂