Hurricane Gustav: Riding the storm out

As Hurricane Gustav bears down on the gulf coast, everyone is looking for the latest updates.

Here are five resources I’ll be using to get not just the news, but some first-hand accounts of Hurricane Gustav as it makes landfall.

– Mark O’Malley is staying in New Orleans and will live blog Gustav’s landfall. Why would anyone put themselves in the path of a Cat 5? Mark explains his “logic”. Follow his updates on Twitter, as batteries allow, I presume.

– The Hurricane Room at FriendFeed. This has really become an outstanding resource, because it aggregates many of the top resources in one location. If you want the latest, check the Hurricane Room.

Gustav search at FriendFeed. One of my a-ha moments with social media came when I found I could search everything that anyone anywhere was saying about a given topic, in real time. Click here to find out what the world is saying about Gustav.

– Brendan Loy is the nation’s resident Weather Nerd. I’ve was introduced to Brendan pre-Katrina back at his Irish Trojan blog. Don’t let his boyish good looks fool you, Brendan knows weather and knows where to find the info you need.

– Dr. Jeff Masters is the storm expert at Weather Underground. His blog is a must read for anyone in the coastal US.


Here are a couple of more resources, courtesy of nf0, who looks to be in for what I’m sure he will call “a little rain”.

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  1. THANK YOU for these links. I find them helpful in easing my concern for my husband who is in Beaumont helping get people to safer nothern hospitals.

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