Help me get hat head!!

FSU Camo HatI need your help. College football starts in two days. The first Florida State game of the year is just 11 days away. I feel woefully unprepared. Heck, even Merrin went to get her toes all garnet & gold yesterday!

So… help me out. Check out this website and help me buy a new FSU hat for game day. I’m not partial to color (no pink), but I could go white, garnet, gold… whatever. (PS – I’m not terribly fond of camo, either, but it was the first image that popped up in the rotation. Who knows. Maybe camo is my look.)

Please pick on you like and post a link in the comments. Thanks! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Help me get hat head!!”

  1. @Rob – Thanks! I think I will get hot in that foam helmet, but… I would look pimp. That’s a good trade off.

    @Pete – Good choice, that was one I had in my cart to try to decide when I thought of asking you instead!

    @Robyn – Gotta be a fitted hat. Gotta be. I wish that one had an iron arrow on the back instead of the script “Noles”. GRRR. Damn designers!

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