Christmas Shopping the easy way

It’s no secret that I like to do things the easy way. It’s not (just) that I’m lazy, but I… appreciate efficiency. 🙂

So… as in years past, I’ll be renewing my Amazon Prime membership again this fall.

Why? Well, it’s simple really.

I like Amazon Prime because:

1. I get FREE two-day shipping on almost anything I buy at Amazon
2. I can upgrade to overnight shipping for just $3.99 per item (perfect for that last minute gift!)
3. I get the free shipping (or upgraded overnight shipping) regardless of how much (or how little) I buy, which is awesome because I generally buy one thing at a time 🙂
4. I can share my Amazon Prime membership with Merrin or anyone else in my household

I mean, think about it: Let’s say I forgot to get you something for Christmas, and we’re supposed to do a gift exchange tomorrow night. ACK! I can jump on Amazon, pick something you would like, and have it in my hands (gift wrapped, even!) tomorrow.

Or, let’s say I ate the last popcorn in the house. I can order some Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop from Amazon and have it delivered to the house with Amazon Prime. Not only would I save on the price versus the grocery, but I also save the gas, tolls, time, sanity, etc.

Pretty cool? You’re damn skippy.

Now I bet you’re thinking, “I wish I had Amazon Prime.” Well… you can.

In fact, you can try Amazon Prime free for a month through a special promotion. Check it out, kick the tires, and see if you like it.

But… take it from an efficiency expert… you’re gonna love you some Amazon Prime.

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  1. Since I can’t think of a single week that’s gone by in the past, oh, two years or so that we HAVEN’T ordered something from Amazon, I’m going to have to agree. Amazon Prime is the shiznit!

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