Wanna talk about .me

So… the new big “craze” are the .me internet domains. While I personally think it’s all just clever marketing (“dot me: the web is now personal”), the unfortunate side effect is that I now own (yet another) domain name — kevindonahue.me.

I think that brings me up to something like 15 domains here at KevCo goes exactly nowhere, but… hey… this one’s personal, right?! 😉

5 thoughts on “Wanna talk about .me”

  1. you know, i haven’t thought about it until you posted this, but maybe you could redirect it to your friendfeed or other lifestream? in fact, i’m thinking of unsubbing from this feed and .net to just get the ff feed. of course that hurts your stats. humm….

  2. I think you know my biggest knock on FF is that it it doesn’t support full feeds. Sometimes I can’t even discern if something is interesting or not because FF doesn’t provide anything beyond the link title.

    (PS – I don’t worry to much about stats. If you like one feed, great. If not, that’s great. too.)

  3. yeah, i wish ff would give the option. I love the idea of just a line (title and logo) for a sidebar widget or something, but I also like a full feed (or at least a teaser feed) for in my RSS reader/FF. I’m trying out the subscription. But am finding it slower to update than direct RSS.

    But, I think it’s a fairly sound idea to redirect your .me domain to your lifestream instead of a dead park page.

  4. Good suggestion on the forwarding. I gotta look into that. The only question is… which lifestream? If I am resolved against FF because of the feed support… then who??

  5. 🙂 I dunno. Tumblr? I tend to like FF a bit better since there is the opportunity for comments — though I’d rather comments go to the original source. One thing about Tumblr I don’t like is no opportunity for comment. Or gReader – subscribe to RSS of all your stuff and self-aggregate. That’s kind of what I’m doing.

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