Add to FriendFeed Feedflare for Feedburner Feeds

For all you RSS feed publishers out there, I found a Feedburner FeedFlare unit to allows readers to add your feed items and posts directly to FriendFeed. You can add the FriendFeed FeedFlare unit by pasting this URL into the personal FeedFlare box.

Since this is hosted on one user’s google account, here’s the xml code to create the FriendFeed FeedFlare in case it gets eaten by the internet. 😉

<Title>Share on FriendFeed</Title>
<Description>Share this item in your FriendFeed</Description>
<Text>Share on FriendFeed</Text>
<Link href="${link}&title=${title}"/>

Demo: View it in my feed or in the Fanblogs feed.

Kudos to Voyagerfan5761 for the code.