Stuff I Love: Eton Emergency Crank Radio

With storm season well underway back home in Texas and hurricane season weeks away in Florida and the Bahamas, I want to highlight one of the best gifts I ever got myself: the Eton Emergency Crank Radio.

Not only does this little beauty tune in AM/FM, but it also pulls in up to eight NOAA weather emergency broadcast channels. Or, if you prefer to get your weather alerts from the local weatherman, it also tunes in TV channels using VHF.

The Eton Emergency Crank Radio works even when the power is out, with its built-in rechargeable battery. It holds a good charge and a couple turns of the hand crank is all it takes to get a recharge started. If you’re not that jazzed about the hand crank, you can also use three AA batteries. (I suggest the Eneloop rechargeable batteries because they hold their charge for up to 1 year.)

I chose this unit because of the aforementioned VHF-TV tuner and because it has can charge your cell phone when the power is out. The Eton Emergency Crank Radio also has a built-in flashlight (particularly helpful in comforting the little ones when the power goes out) as well as a very loud emergency siren — in case you need help.

The Eton Emergency Crank Radio weighs less than a pound, so it’s the perfect size to throw in the truck when you go hunting/camping or put into your carry on if you’re headed out island.

I ended up ordering the black body model, but it does come in four other colors, if black isn’t your thing. Check it out over at Amazon.

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