Stuff I Love: ResQMe Mini Escape Tool

Maybe it’s the Boy Scout in me, but I picked up this ResQMe Mini Escape Tool a couple of years ago for the truck.

I’m sure I’ve watched too many investigative news stories, but living near a lot of lakes/retention ponds/bridges/etc, I guess I got to thinking that there might come a day where I could end up in one of them and need to get out of the truck. And how would I do that?

Or what if I came upon some fool who drove into a ravine or high water? How would I help?

The ResQMe fits on your keychain and easily pulls away for easy use if (God forbid), you ever need it. It has a seat belt cutter blade and a small, but mighty spring-loaded glass breaker – basically everything you might need in a pinch to get yourself (or someone else) out of a submerged car.

The ResQMe is roughly the size of a small Swiss Army knife or pocket Bic lighter. Even so, I don’t like it on my keychain (I think it’s a little bulky) but it is a great idea to have it somewhere that it can be reached quickly by yourself or your passenger (if you are… say… unconscious). So… I suggest a quick loop of fishing line around the column shift or even velcro. That way it is convenient and doesn’t go flying through the car when you might really need it. I bought it in banana yellow so that I can see it even if I get conked in the head.

For $10 it’s a great little add-on gift for a friend (for Christmas, birthdays, or the quickly approaching Mothers Day & Fathers Day!) or buy one for yourself for some pretty cheap piece of mind. Check it out at Amazon.

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