How To: Sort Outlook Contacts by Last Modified

I had the occassion today to need to determine which contacts in my Microsoft Outlook Corporate Address book where new or modified. I found a very easy way to sort the Microsoft Outlook contact list my the date the record was recently modified.

How To: Sort Outlook Contacts by Last Modified

  • Switch to Contact List within Outlook
  • Select View > Arrange By > Current View > Customize Current View menu option.
  • From the Fields option, add the MODIFIED value.
  • From the Sort option, choose to sort by Modified and select the Descending preference.
  • Select “OK” twice to view your sorted contacts.
  • That’s it! Pretty easy!

    To return to the default sort, return to the Customize Current View menu and select Reset Current View to return to the original settings.

    Note: This option works WONDERFULLY with Microsoft Outlook 2003, but you may need to tinker with it a little to get the desired results in your current version.

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