Hooray For Good News!!!!

It’s Merrin again. I wanted to let everybody know that Kevin was discharged from the hospital today around 5:30, which was a day ahead of schedule. He’s doing absolutely wonderfully, and the doctors are thrilled with how fast he’s recovering. He spent a good part of today charming every nurse on the floor, and campaigning hard to get out of there early. He’s on some new medication that will help his stent grow in, but other than that, he’s almost back to “normal” (which, let’s face it, for him is anything but 😉 ). He’s still plenty tired, but as long as he stays on his best behavior, I’ll let him have his laptop back for a little while at a time starting tomorrow.

Believe me, Kevin DOES plan on getting back to everybody who has sent emails and kind words, but it’s gonna take him a little bit (mostly because I’m the laptop nazi). We are both so appreciative of all of the emails, comments, and support we’ve gotten this week, and we are incredibly humbled by everyone’s love and prayers. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

As I said before, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, either here, or over at my place.

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