Stuff I Love: Insta-Bed Queen Raised Bed

One of the great “Stuff I Love” entries (that you might actually get to use if our guestroom is occupado!) is the Wenzel Queen Raised Insta-Bed.

We bought this back during my “man fridge” days of living solo in Florida. (Actually, I got this when Merrin was finally moving down – had to upgrade for the wife, ya know?!)

Here’s why I love this inflatable mattress:

#1 – It inflates itself in less than two minutes (and it deflates itself, too!)
#2 – It’s raised like a standard mattress/box springs, so you really feel like you’re in a “real bed”.
#3 – Since it’s a true queen size air bed, your standard queen sheets fit.
#4 – It’s shockingly comfortable. I wouldn’t think twice about making you sleep on this.
#5 – It does not leak. The two of us slept on this for several nights and didn’t need to inflate it.

Not convinced? Well, since we only have one spare guestroom in the rental, come on over for a party or to see the Mouse. We’ll put someone else in the guestroom (sucker!) and “relegate” you to the air bed. AND YOU’LL THANK ME FOR IT!!!

Seriously, if you are looking for a great spare bed (or a semi-permanent bed for your new apartment, maybe??), definitely check out the Wenzel Insta-Bed air mattress.

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3 thoughts on “Stuff I Love: Insta-Bed Queen Raised Bed”

  1. My brother has this model. He, my SIL, and even wiggly Miss Baby can sleep on it comfortably.

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