State of my iTunes Address

Beloved wife, closest peeps, dear family, and various internet brethren:

As we gather via this blog, or tumblog, or RSS feed, or various other digital platforms, I come before you to report that I have reviewed the state of my iTunes library and it is strong.

Although we may find ourselves divided at times about what rocks us, there can be no mistaking that – amongst the 5,776 song files – there is something there that blows our hair back. And through the 26.65GB of music, indeed there is ample time – 17.3 days – to find that which unites us.

And when our ears have been bled dry by poorly designed iPod headphones and we tire of tunage, we can find comfort within the Movies menu and the full 5.1 sound that awaits. Just a few short years ago I stood before you confused, bewildered, and forlorn. But today I am proud to say that my high-res mp4s have reached 100 feature length movies – formatted for iPod and TV, spanning 7.3 days and 60.52GB. And while the humor and action in many of these flicks are best appreciated among those of legal drinking age, I am pleased to count 28 Disney feature animations among the library for the enjoyment of the peeps both young of age and of heart.

And when our week of film has come to an end, we will fear only the absence of popcorn, as 565 television episodes await. Complete series of 24, Prison Break, and the Sorpranos compliment broader selections, such as Lost, Friday Night Lights, and Pinky & the Brain… and everything in between.

Where I was once afraid that I might fill a single drive with music, I have embraced the oracle of nf0 and the era of networked digital media… and my library has benefited greatly because of it. Today, I am pleased to say that my iTunes library now exceeds 112GBs.

There will be many more albums, epic movies, and landmark series to come and, while the challenge to encode them all will be great, my TeraStation NAS stands ready and my Handbrake & VisualHub installs are updated.

Thank you, my fellow peeps, and may Raid5 watch over and protect us all.

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